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Introducing Dopt

Welcome! Here’s what’s available in the first version of Dopt:

  • Collaboratively define onboarding and engagement experience targeting and logic in the flow canvas using start, step, and finish blocks
  • React SDK to access and manipulate Step block state, abstracting away complex customer data and business logic making it easier to develop onboarding
  • Identify API to send customer data to Dopt to power targeting and visibility
  • Visibility into user’s properties and state for each flow (in progress, finished, exited)
  • Ability to reset user’s state for a flow for easy testing
  • Documentation to help you get started

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Other improvements & fixes

  • Start block targeting rules are now shown on the Flow canvas
  • Added Owner field to Flows
  • Added Last Encountered property to blocks
  • Added global error handling and more descriptive error messages
  • Major performance update that reduce response time of APIs