← BackAug 22, 2022
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Segment user identification integration

You can now set up Dopt as a destination for user identification from Segment. As you send new identify() calls to Segment, users will be created or updated in Dopt. This enables you to track and target users when using Dopt to develop onboarding and engagement experiences. Read the docs →

Other improvements & fixes

  • Dopt now has two separate API Keys: blocks API key and users API key. The vlocks API key is used to integrate with @dopt/react and the users API key is used to send requests to our users API. Using two keys is more secure because the blocks API key is visible in the front-end.
  • URLs now direct you to the exact page copied from, enabling you to save and share URLs.
  • You’ll now be redirected to the latest active page after logging out and then logging back in.