A component library to build
product onboarding, fast

Ship onboarding and education in minutes with Dopt’s React library. Our prebuilt
components have best practices built-in and are fully customizable and composable.


Help users understand how to use your product or feature with an action oriented set of tasks. Use our SDKs to complete tasks from the frontend or backend. Dopt manages the states for you.

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Checklist component


Guide users through new, undiscovered, or updated features. Positioning and progression logic built in.

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Tour component


Welcome new users to your app, announce updates, or give users timely warnings and alerts with a focused pop-up dialog.

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Modal component


A simple embedded element that can be used to contextually highlight new features, important updates, or to provide helpful tips.

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Card component


Provide users with on-demand and contextual guidance and tips accessed through a pulsing dot. Positioning logic built in.

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Hints component


Coming soon

Convey time sensitive information, share an update, or prompt users to act with a message at the top of your app.

Banner component


Coming soon

Contextually call attention to new or important feature with a simple badge.

Badge component

Easily style and theme

Use CSS or our theme layer to fully customize the look and feel of pre-built components.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Our library has design and development best practices baked in to give you a head start on building great experiences.


Get granular access to all parts of the component — enabling you to compose UI the way you want.

Dopt SDK example code

Want to use a custom React component? Don’t use React?
Go headless.

“Bring your own UI” SDKs give you maximum flexibility to build flows to your exact needs.