Fix errors with AI

Unblock users by helping them understand and fix errors

This example showcases how you might leverage an AI assistant to help users with fixing errors they might run into when using your product.

Dopt AI assistants help you bring the power of AI directly into your product. Train your assistant on your docs, help center, or any other material that you think will help contextualize the assistant for your in-app use case. Then, use @dopt/ai-assistant-react, our AI assistant React SDK, to build a seamless AI-powered experience into your product in no time.

In this example, the AI assistant analyzes the input errors that the user has made and uses app context such as the error message itself as well as the input element that the error stemmed from. It then takes that information and looks up any helpful information that it has learned from documentation that it was trained on to produce a explaination of why the error occurred.

The AI assistant also gives the option for the user to take immediate action and accept a fix for the error that the assistant recommends.

These types of AI-powered experiences feel almost magical and can help unblock users in delightful ways that fit your product.