← BackJul 25, 2023
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Easily include rich text, images, and videos with rich text fields

We’re excited to bring you a new field type: rich text. Rich text fields allow you to define content like text, headings, lists, formatting, images, links, embeds, and more! Now you can easily add your on-brand images, looms, and Calendly links to your Dopt-powered experiences. We’ve built a WYSIWYG editor on top of this field type to make it easier for you to create the perfect piece of content.

We’ve created @dopt/react-rich-text to make it easy to consume rich text content in your app. Additionally, all of our components also utilize rich text for certain pieces of content. For example, you can use rich text when defining the modal’s body content.

Read rich text docs →

New sign-up options, workspaces, and user management

You can now sign up to Dopt with any email provider. We also added the ability for users to join multiple Dopt workspaces, invite users to a workspace, and disable and enable users in a workspace.