← BackJun 23, 2023
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Segment and Heap integrations

We’re excited to announce new integrations to send events from Dopt to Segment and Heap.

These integrations enable you to do deeper analysis on Dopt flows in your tool of choice without having to instrument any events in the client. For example, you could create an end to end funnel of your Dopt flows in combination with your other product usage data.

Once set up, these integrations will send three events downstream:

  • flow_state_change - e.g. user X finished “Getting started checklist” flow.
  • block_state_change - e.g. user X finished “Welcome tour step 4” block.
  • path_transition - e.g. user X took collaboration path from “Use case quiz” block.

This release lays the foundation for all downstream integrations, so we’ll be releasing integrations with Amplitude and Mixpanel soon!

Check out the docs for more details.