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Measure flow performance with analytics

We’re excited to launch flow analytics directly in Dopt. With analytics, Dopt now has a set of built-in metrics that help you track, understand, and optimize the performance of your flows. These flow insights can help you understand user engagement, learn which flows are working, and pinpoint flows that may need improvement.

Flow analytics page

With flow analytics, you gain visibility into how many users have started, finished, or stopped a flow. You can see these metrics aggregated across all flow versions and individually for each flow version, enabling you to compare the performance of changes across flow versions. You can also choose a time frame to view your metrics, such as the last 7 days.

These analytics work out of the box and don’t require any custom setup or integrations.

Because Dopt experiences are developed in code, your current instrumentation approaches for CDPs and analytics work along side our out of the box analytics. We’ll also be releasing first party, server side integrations with product analytics and CDPs in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

Other improvements & fixes

  • You can now edit webhook and true / false block properties for committed versions
  • In the React SDK, we do a better job of closing socket connections that aren’t used, resulting in less network traffic in your app
  • Improved the latency and throughput of the blocks API to handle requests from SDKs much more quickly
  • Many usability updates to the canvas that make it easier to create flows
  • Fixed a bug when trying to create a flow with a duplicate ID. We also now give an error message.
  • Fixed a bug so the version dropdown now updates after you commit
  • Fixed a bug so saving true / false blocks will now work as expected