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Onboarding and users API client

We’re excited to showcase dogfooding our own product to create an onboarding experience for all Dopt users. We’re also introducing a JavaScript users API client to make using our users API even easier.

Dopt onboarding

We released an improved first time onboarding for Dopt to help users get started more easily. We built it using Dopt, of course 🙂. Our onboarding has a welcome modal and a few embedded messages that help explain the key concepts and link to relevant documentation. This is just the start of what will be many iterations!

Users API JavaScript client

The users API JavaScript client can be used to interface with Dopt's users API for both client-side and server-side integrations. The API client enables you to more easily identify users and send user properties to Dopt to power flow targeting.

Here’s an example of how you can use it:

import { IdentifyApi, Configuration } from '@dopt/users-javascript-client';
const doptUsersClient = new IdentifyApi(  new Configuration({    apiKey: 'USERS_API_KEY',  }));
const userIdentifier = '0001';const userProperties = {  email: '',  name: `O'Neil`,  company: 'Acme Co',  projects: 2,  activated: false,  invited_users: null,};
doptUsersClient.identify(userIdentifier, userProperties);

The API client also provides an identifyBulk method to identify many users in bulk.

Read the users API client docs →

Other improvements & fixes

  • Added the ability to reset user flow state for a specific flow version. Previously, you could only reset user flow state for all versions of a flow.
  • Added pagination to the flows page
  • Fixed a bug so now the flow Updated at property gets updated as expected
  • Fixed a bug so 404 pages show up as expected