Developer Relations

About Dopt

At Dopt, we’re on a mission to rid the world of bad self-serve product experiences.

Most onboarding and engagement flows—those crucial moments that help users realize the value of your product—are terrible. The same cookie cutter tooltip tours over and over and over again.

We believe there’s a better way: experiences that fit each product, whatever it might be. Tailored to the needs of each user, whoever they may be. That don’t get in the way, but pave ways to connect users with value.

But we need better tools, tools that are powerful, flexible, and accessible. That bring the whole team together. That solve the hard problems, but still give teams full control to build what works best for their product and their users.

We’re building for builders, the PMs, engineers, and designers that sweat the details. We have one goal: help them create amazing self-serve experiences.

We’re a small, tight-knit group of builders ourselves. We’ve designed and built products across multiple startups and high-growth companies like Dropbox, Amplitude, and Patreon. We care a lot about creating quality software (so much, in fact, that we’ve made it our mission to help others do it too).

We’re backed by investors that believe deeply in our vision: Unusual Ventures, Designer Fund and a group of angels that have built and led companies like Airtable, Segment, Amplitude, Productboard, Postman, and PagerDuty that have set the bar for what great product-led businesses look like.

Why this role is important

Dopt is solving an age old problem in a completely new way. There are so many examples of bad onboarding and engagement flows out in the world and you’ll be instrumental in helping us show the world there’s a better way. You’ll inspire, educate, and help our customers raise the bar on the product experiences they build.

You’ll be a key member of the team, reporting directly to the CEO and acting as a strategic partner as we build out our go to market motion. We’re excited to live our values and build out our own self-service motion, and the work you do will be foundational in helping us and our early customers succeed.

Our success will be your success. We’ll be putting the companies weight behind creating exposure for you, and you’ll become a recognized expert in building high quality growth, onboarding, and product engagement experiences.

As our first developer relations hire, you’ll also work with us to define the role of developer relations at Dopt and help us grow the team as we scale.


  • You’ll help us map out our end-to-end developer journey and work to make it world class
  • You’ll work to deeply understand who the developers we’re building for are: what’s hard for them today and what they’re trying to accomplish
  • You’ll build demos and examples that help others understand what’s possible with Dopt and kindle their creativity
  • You’ll be the face of Dopt, engaging with the community where they live today and experimenting with creating new spaces for them. You’ll host meetups & events and help us explore other ways of bringing the Dopt community together.
  • You’ll learn and write about what you learn, creating content that educates others about building with Dopt, crafting great onboarding and engagement flows, and building world class growth engineering teams
  • You’ll help us test channels to understand the best ways to reach any developer that’s building an onboarding or engagement flow
  • You’ll collaborate deeply with Product, Design, Engineering, and Marketing, acting as a champion for the developers using Dopt and helping us shape the product that we’re building.


  • You’re able to design and code high quality interactive onboarding and product engagement examples and demos using Javascript and React
  • You love learning new skills and technologies and find joy in teaching others
  • You’re an extremely strong communicator, both written and verbal
  • You recognize great design, and care deeply about product quality
  • You’re high agency and high ownership, able to cut through ambiguity and chart a course to get done what you say you’ll get done
  • You’re highly collaborative and low ego
  • A big plus if you have past experience working in growth at a B2B SaaS company or experience building onboarding and engagement flows. At minimum, you should be excited to learn a lot about growth, onboarding, and product engagement. You’ll be watching countless tear downs, auditing experiences, building examples, speaking with other practitioners, writing about what you learn, and becoming a recognized expert in our domain.

Full time


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